There are 10's of cuts outside of the popular steak cuts that are well worth your time as a food lover and meat enthusiast. Not sure what to look for? Well we're happy to share our secrets. As you can see above, thanks to our friends at Canadian Bison Association, the bison carcass is harvested into 8 different general parts, all of which drill down further to provide a different texture and flavour.

Now, even though some are less tender than others, that doesn't mean when cooked properly they're not as savoury and loveable as the usual bison steak cuts and of course healthier than anything around. Get out of your comfort zone and give them a try! Keep posted for exciting recipes with all sorts of the bison, or head to one of your local restaurants and opt for a new piece you've never tried before! We recommend Timber Vancouver's current menu item of braised short ribs to really hit the spot!

Happy Eating!