Whether you sort your trash, drive a hybrid or immerse yourself in multiple save-the-earth activities it's always anamazing feeling to know that your favorite meat source shares this same view. At Turtle Valley Bison Co, we are conscientious of our carbon footprint and take great pride in the environmental impact our bison make.

Our Soil and Pastures

While cattle often prefer grasses and water to graze beside, bison are less selective about their favorite spots and will eat as they travel. Because bison are happy to graze on a variety of foliage, grasses, weeds and sometimes even stems and twigs, they adapt easily to our rotational grazing. Rotational grazing allows our pastures to recover more naturally and provides an abundant, and pesticide free, diet.

Carbon Cycle

The roaming nature of the bison is a natural benefit to the Eco-system. Plant growth areas that are left undisturbed and untouched by grazing animals or fire, overgrow which essentially chokes the plant-life and does not allow new plant growth. The hoof traffic of the bison herds naturally tills the soil removing weeds and roots from the dirt and preparing it so plant seeds can easily settle and germinate. Our rotational grazing provides a natural full circle to this cycle. The plants nourish the bison naturally with no added preservatives or chemicals and the bison waste supplements assist new carbon production in the soil.


environmentally friendly bisonThe heartiness of the bison itself speaks volumes to its positive effects on our Earth. The robust bison requires less hands-on care than its cattle counterparts costing less in fuel, feed and veterinarian calls. Because they do not require shelter or assistance with calving and are not susceptible to as many bacteria, bison do not require the same number of vaccinations reducing the antibiotics in the meat.

From soil recovery to our dedication to the Carbon Cycle and under the watch of our loyal Cowboys, Turtle Valley Bison Co. is always happy to contribute to making the world a better place for our future generations - human and bison! 

-Turtle Valley Bison Family