Christmas dinners are a fond family tradition to some, but for others it's reason for a lot of stress an anxiety.

In order to help households keep their festive spirit while pulling off the perfect holiday dinner party with friends and family members this season we are sharing some tricks of the trade.

Large scale dinners don't need to be a daunting task. 


Christmas Dinners

1.) Plan it out: Create some lists to stay organized and efficient. First, determine the guest list. Knowing how many guests you'll have at the table is the key to knowing how much food to prepare. Now, decide how much food and drink you'll need to serve your guests. Nobody wants to make the rookie mistake of making too much or worse, too little food, so use this handy portion size planner from The Food Network to be certain how much of each course to serve.

2.) Decide what to serve: It's time to make another list! Decide what will delight your guests and prepare your shopping list ahead of time. Don't wait until the last minute. You'll want your preparation to be as stress-free as possible! We recommend staying with recipes that are familiar to you. Stick with what you and your guests will love! Holidays are a time for tradition, and people love tried and true favorites. If you need some inspiration, here are some classic holiday recipes from Taste of Home.

3.) Prep ahead of time: The last thing we want around the holiday season is stress! To keep your cool, start prepping what you can ahead of the big day. Cut, chop, and dice ingredients ahead of time to save precious time on the day of. Decide if there is a dish or two you can make and freeze beforehand. Prepping as much as possible will set you up for success and will set your mind at ease. If you need some inspiration, here is a list of make-ahead side dishes for your holiday dinner from Better Homes & Gardens.

5.) Delegate: Don't be afraid to ask for help! That's what family is for. Get the whole family helping to create a special dinner for your guests. This time can be a wonderful way for your family to bond and can bring a sense of pride when you nourish your guests with a delicious holiday meal. Cooking together as a family has many great benefits. Check out this blog post from The Turtle Valley Bison Co. on the value of cooking as a family.

6.) Just Remember: It doesn't matter how grand your dinner experience is or how intricate your cooked dishes are. There's no reason to sweat about the little things. This season is about time with family and creating cherished memories. Although you may be working hard in the kitchen try to soak everything in.

We hope you've been inspired to create a remarkable dinner for your family and friends this year. We wish you a happy, healthy holiday season from our family to yours.

- The TVBCo Family