Let's talk about wine and bison! 


When you put time into creating a beautiful meal you want to make sure that your wines are paired perfectly. Bison dishes are no exception and we wanted to share some recommendations.


Our close friend Josie Tyabji is a wine specialist and worked with Chef Stephen Ward to put together pairings of BC wines that go fantastically well with Turtle Valley Bison. As Josie and Stephen point out, bison is much lower in fat than beef but when compared to beef it has an extra meaty like quality. These characteristics should be taken into consideration when picking out a wine for your next creation.


Here are their recommendations:

Bison Wine Pairings

If you want to learn more about the wines mentioned and where you can find them visit Arterracanada.com or email darcel.giesbrecht@arterracanada.com.

 Happy eating.

- Turtle Valley Bison Family